Services SPS

S.P.S. technical department is equipped with the most modern design systems (2 and 3D), scanner 3D and 3D printing for first prototype creation, the models are made of tough ABS plastic that can be sanded, milled, drilled, and painted. Our actual drawing data base covers: rinsers, fillers, cappers, labellers, packers and palletizers. Additional machine types are available on demand.

S.P.S. designs and manufactures moulds for polymers and rubber, in partnership with highly qualified suppliers can provide finished parts for many applications in the Food and Beverage field but not limited to, providing if requested material certification.

S.P.S. can also offer a team of skilled technicians: mechanic, electric/electronic that can carry out equipment maintenance, up-grade and modification, either internally or at customer’s site.

What we offer:

  • New and second hand packaging machinery
  • Original change parts
  • Original spare parts
  • Dedicated service for a customer

We offer a visits on request, to check the status of the line and / or machinery, and suggest which parts should be replaced to bring the line at optimum efficiency.

Our Services

Spare Parts

Over twenty years experience in the food & beverage field, places S.P.S. at the forefront for the design and the construction of spare parts, for the most important brands of machinery and plants/facilities for the bottling and packaging sector.

Equipment and change over

S.P.S. is able to supply equipment and change over, for both existing and new formats.


S.P.S. cooperating with technicians with proven experience, can perform at its Customers: diagnostic tours (visits), maintenance/reviews, modifications and upgrade for the following brands: SIDEL - SIG SIMONAZZI - SARCMI - SIMONAZZI - KRONES - KHS.

3D Scanner

Our technical department is equipped with the most modern design systems, and Scanner 3D, used for the reverse engineering activity.

3D Printer

Used for the creation of prototypes of spare parts or new solutions.

New or used machinery

S.P.S. offers to its Clients the consulting services and the resale for new and used machines and bottling plants.